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The Olay Regenerist Eye Serum is one of the more promising eye care products to come to the market from one of the leaders in skin care. It’s one of the more affordable product we’ve come across that promises to give you that hydrating lift to soothe under eye bags. According to Olay, it’s the amino-peptide complex that gives this product its kick. Since it lacks a fragrance and is non-comedogenic, even acne sufferers can enjoy the benefits of this cream. The non-greasy formulation makes it excellent for people with already oily skin who desire a moisturizing effect without that “slick” look.

Our first impression with this product was resoundingly positive. It comes in a sleek bottle with a precise dispenser. Something you don’t see on many products is a closeable dispenser. A clockwise turn ensures that your Olay Regenerist eye serum will stay put inside the bottle without getting on your clothing and other personal belongings. You won’t have to worry about getting too much out of the bottle and making a big mess. Some have reported problems with the pump malfunctioning. As long as you don’t exert too much pressure over the dispenser, it should continue operating nicely. We wouldn’t buy any moisturizer that doesn’t use a pump as a dispensing mechanism, for the sole reason that bacteria from your hands can be allowed to linger in the moisturizer. We much prefer dealing with the occasional headache associated with a cranky pump that have to deal with that. Smaller is better when it comes to eye serums, especially because they can loose their effectiveness in smaller periods of time. So, just because the Olay Regenerist Eye Serum comes in a 5oz bottle, doesn’t mean it’s a scam.

As the product claims, the cream goes on very smoothly. And unlike other products we’ve tested in the past, it doesn’t drip into your eyes in the middle of the night. There’s no overpowering aroma either, which means you wont get teary eyed as you apply it. If you work the product in a little, it absorbs just fine. This is unlike other moisturizing products we’ve tested in the past that leave a greasy layer on the top of your skin. Although recommended for nightly use, it is perfectly suitable for use in the daytime. you will have to apply some sunblock over the moisturizer to protect the especially fragile skin under your eyes.

We all know that makeup doesn’t tend to place nice with other products you may have under your skin. Fortunately, you can safely use the Olay Regenerist Eye Serum under foundation or other makeup without having to worry about creasing or other adverse reactions. Be sure to thoroughly cleanse your skin before nightly application, however, to ensure that contaminants that may cause acne are removed.

Most people have experienced an increased sense of firmness in their under eye area in as little as a few weeks. Be sure to give the product adequate time to work its magic though, as your skin might require a bit longer to adjust.

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