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Our society has become dependent upon instant results in almost everything we do.  We want our food fast, we prefer the fastest internet, and we want our wrinkles to disappear instantly.  While these are certainly conveniences that anyone can get used to, the treatment of wrinkles is not always done complete, or correctly with the use of instant lifting serums.  Instant lifting serums are intended to plump up the skin, removing the appearance for wrinkles for a period of time.  These are not intended to be long term treatments of wrinkles, in fact, very few manufacturers add any long term ingredients to these serums.  So if the instant lifting products are not intended for long term benefits, they are really just providing a temporary relief from the signs of aging, if they even provide that. 

Not all instant lifting serums are created equally.  Many do not lift the skin enough to provide visible results, leaving consumers unhappy with their expensive purchase.  In addition, many consumers do not take the time to understand that these products have no intention of healing your wrinkles but simply eliminating the appearance of them for a short period of time.  This causes more frustration  for consumers and a lack of confidence within the industry.  There are however some instant lifting serums that provide both effective short term results and treat and condition your skin to provide long term benefits as well.

These products use a high profile lifting ingredient by the name of SesaFlash.  This ingredient not only lifts and smooths skin in the short term, but is specially formulated to provide a deep, intense moisturizing that allows stimulates the re-growth of new skin cells.  It is those new skin cells that will ultimately heal the wrinkle, removing it once and for all.  SesaFlash is made by Sederma, a leading anti aging ingredient producer, credited with some of the most advanced ingredient in the anti wrinkle industry today.  The brands that use SesaFlash are providing the best in instant lifting along with other treatments to help completely rejuvenate your skin.

A leading anti aging wrinkle cream brand, has been using SesaFlash in their instant lifting serum, but do so in an interesting fashion.  They use the lifting serum, not as a instant result product, which it can be used for, but as a crucial element in a three product system that has been providing the most advanced treatment of wrinkles the industry has seen.  By lifting the wrinkles while other name brand ingredients treat them on the cellular level, these complete systems have found an effective way to eliminate the deep, established wrinkles caused by repetitive motions.  We all have established wrinkles, from where we squint, or smile, raise our eyebrows, etc.  and many of us know just how difficult it is to remove these deep creases.  However, by using this multilayered approach to eliminating them, instant lifting serums become invaluable.  The skin is smoothed and restored to its natural appearance, giving other ingredients the chance to eliminate the creases caused by skin memory, leaving you with smooth, wrinkle free skin.

Unfortunately, not all wrinkle cream manufacturers are concerned with the actual treatment of wrinkles and focus on the illusion of wrinkles disappearing.  By promising instant results, wrinkle cream manufacturers continue to attract the attention of many consumers who, like the rest of us, would like our wrinkles erased immediately.  Unfortunately for us, they simply do not provide any actual treatment of wrinkles, just a temporary mask.  There are some instant lifting serums that do work, but they are few and far between.  If you are looking to use an instant type of product, be sure to look for SesaFlash, as it provides both short term and long term results.  Remember, by using the best ingredients, you achieve the best results. 

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