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Before you buy a collagen facial cream, let me give you a little advice. If you believe the advertising hype, collagen creams will reduce wrinkles, increase firmness and make you look younger. But, how or why would they work?

There are five layers of epidermis and two layers of dermis that make up the skin. Constant cellular activity goes on in these layers. Below those seven layers is subcutaneous tissue containing fat, which often becomes thinner with age. But, it is the health of the epidermis that we are primarily concerned with, when it comes to our appearance and the question is, does a collagen facial cream support it.

95% of the cells in the epidermis are composed of keratin proteins. The other five percent serve various functions, including fighting infection. None of the cells of the epidermis are composed of collagens. Those proteins are only found in the dermis of the skin.

Collagen creams are basically gelatin. You may recall a time when eating gelatin was recommended to strengthen the fingernails or improve the appearance of the skin. Dietary supplements containing collagens derived from chicken bones and other sources are promoted for the same purpose, as well as improving the function of the joints.

If you had a protein deficiency, then they might help. But, generally speaking, taking those supplements has never been shown to provide any health benefit. Applying collagen creams is much the same thing.

Any “change” that you see in your appearance is strictly cosmetic. Collagen facial cream might make you look better for a short period of time, but even that benefit is questionable.

Most of the companies that do include the protein in their lotions only include a very small amount. The majority of the product is composed of water combined with petrolatum, glycerin, mineral oil or some other “oily” solution. You can see this when you read an ingredients label.

The ingredients are listed in descending order, from the highest concentration to the lowest, unless there is an ingredient that is considered an active pharmaceutical. Then it, as well as the percentage found in the concentration, will be at the top of the list.

When you read the labels for collagen creams, you will see that the protein is listed far down on the list. In one of the popular brands, it is the 24th ingredient, far behind all of the artificial preservatives and petrochemicals.

A good alternative to a collagen facial cream is one that contains Functional Keratin, which has been shown to stimulate the production of new cells, replenishing those that have been lost to time. Collagen creams do not contain the nutrients necessary to stimulate the production of cells, or anything else.

They cannot make the fibers lie in the dermis stronger. They can only make your face look shiny. Basically, buying collagen facial cream is not your best choice for wrinkle reduction, improved firmness or delaying the signs of getting older. Luckily, we have options. Please take a look at my website now.

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