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The area of skin around your eyes is much thinner than the skin elsewhere on your face, it loses moisture easily because there are fewer oil glands and it is therefore more susceptible to damage, damage we can cause by our own actions or neglect and the damage that intrinsic aging can inflict on us. In short it can reflect not only the passing years but our diet and lifestyle too.

Two of the most common problems that effect the under eye area are dark under-eye circles and puffiness. Dark circles under the eyes are largely the result of tiny leakages of blood passing through the capillaries close to the skin’s surface. As the skin is so thin these tiny leakages can show through as a dark area of discolouration. With age unfortunately the discoloration worsens as the skin becomes thinner and more translucent. Cosmetics companies have devised a number of strategies designed to help minimize the dark bluish tint, improving concealers by adding the minerals mica and silica–which refract light, producing eye creams that contain the vitamin K to help strengthen the tiny blood vessels and humectants that help with moisturising.

Bags under the eyes can be triggered by mild allergies, for example allergies to animals or certain dairy products. Puffy eyes can also occur if excess liquid collects in the soft tissue during sleep. You can find a temporary solution by simply standing and jumping up and down to allow the liquid to disperse.

Dark circles under the eyes and bags under the eyes can also be because of genetic traits, lack of sleep, hectic lifestyles and bad diets.

If the problems are seen in other members of your family skin lighteners may be your only option but for those who stay up late too often and eat poor diets then the answer to improving your appearance will lie in your own hands.

Cut down on your alcohol intake, cut out fast foods that contain too much salt and too many preservatives, do something about your nicotine addiction and get more better quality sleep.

Not only will your skin take on a brighter more youthful appearance but you will feel much better too!

Your eyes are the centrepiece of your face, there for the entire world to see and therefore keeping them framed in tired looking premature aging skin is not to be desired by the majority.

As well as self help in the fight against tired, dull looking eyes many of us these days are more and more focusing on the quick lift that the many eye creams that are now available can give.

While eye creams contain no special magic and are not the absolute answer to these problems, the boost to your self esteem and confidence that they can symbolize is very much worthwhile.

One such product that today is becoming more and more popular both in the US and the UK too is Eyederma, an eye cream containing a mix of the Vitamin K and peptides that has been specially formulated to reduce eye puffiness and dark circles.

However, whichever product you choose to help you combat these irritating and sometimes depressing problems it must be able to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, tighten and firm sagging skin as well as providing the hydration to the under eye areas that will help restore a more vibrant and youthful appearance.

No matter what you buy over the counter, no matter how much you spend nothing will improve your chances more of staying looking younger for longer than a good, sensible skin care regime.

Maybe tomorrow, that’s much too late, better today!

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