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GloPRO’s patented technology stimulates skin’s natural healing response to induce micro-rejuvenation deep within the skin. As MicroTips pass over the skin, the rejuvenation process begins immediately as cells respond to imperceptible microchannels by restoring volume from the inside out. Red LED light function and VibroTactile Stimulation work synergistically to enhance regenerative skin benefits. The result is a visibly firmer, smoother, younger-looking appearance. Used alone or as a companion to your favorite serums and creams, this youth-promoting tool magnifies the benefits of key anti-aging ingredients making absorption easier while enhancing overall skincare performance. In a consumer study using GloPRO three times per week, subjects reported the following benefits in 30 days: 97% reported an improvement in skin’s firmness 100% felt GloPRO helped stimulate their skin’s natural collagen 93% saw an improvement in the evenness of their skin tone 97% felt their skin looked younger after using GloPRO After nighttime cleansing, use GloPRO on targeted facial areas (forehead, right side, left side, chin, nasolabial folds-nose to mouth lines). Use moderate pressure and roll GloPRO over each area 4-10 times, changing direction with each pass. Can be used around the mouth and eye areas. GloPRO should be used for at least 1 minute to ensure skin has been properly stimulated. Skin will appear pink or flushed after using. Apply HydraGLO Serum or serum of your choosing within the first 60 seconds after use while microchannels are active and ready to receive key anti-aging ingredients. Use the enclosed Sterilizing Spritzer bottle to fill with alcohol and spray MicroTips after each use. Store in plastic case in between treatments. MicroTip head should be replaced every three months if used regularly.Patented Microneedling Tool
VibroTactile Stimulation

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