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Chemical peels are supposed to be the very best choice for the treatment of acne scars and it is becoming more popular, as these treatments seem to be efficient at treating acne with very little complications. What a chemical peel does is it removes the top layer of the affected skin leaving the bottom layer of fresh unaffected skin exposed. Before considering using chemical peels as an acne treatment you should seek the advice of a trained cosmetic surgeon who is experienced in this field. The surgeon will be able to determine if you are a suitable candidate for chemical peels for acne after he has studied your skin color, how oily your skin is and how severe your acne condition is. It is believed that people who have superficial acne or acne scars alone, are the best suited for this type of treatment.

Two of the mildest forms of peels for acne are Alphahydroxy acids and Betahydroxy acids. Lighter chemical peels for acne do not require much recovery time, although it is normal for people to experience slight redness and irritation and may also experience some crusting which will eventually subside as the body adjusts to the treatment. These lighter treatments are usually repeated every six weeks. Chemical peels for acne may also include salicylic acid, which is very effective in the treatment of acne. Chemical Peels for acne are not recommended for people who have severe and very active acne or those who are pregnant.

Stronger chemical peels for acne, which include trichloroacetic acid and phenol treatments, penetrate deeper layers of skin and last longer than the lighter treatments, although the recovery times is generally longer and these strong peels for acne are sometimes associated with greater risks such as side effects and increased sensitivity to sunlight. Due to certain limitations in not all types of acne conditions can be treated effectively with this type of treatment.

Another type is the TCA peel, which is ideal not only for the removal of acne scars, but also for removing shallow tattoos and age spots and is also recommended for large pores. It helps remove the layers of dead skin that can cause acne infection to get blocked and releases the impurities allowing the skin to heal with a much healthier look. TCA peel also help increase the blood flow and circulation, which in turn stimulates your skin cells allowing them to rejuvenate and build up collagen and elastic fibers which strengthen the skin.


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