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For those readers involved in the wrinkle cream and anti aging industry since 2006, you may have been witness to the maturation of stem cell research into the mainstream. While not yet completely accepted and still considered rather controversial, stem cells have proven to produce a level of results that has never been seen before. This author examines the Stem Cell wrinkle creams and reveals the secret behind them.

When you say the term Stem Cell, it automatically inspires controversy. Perhaps this is because of all the political debate about it, or perhaps even an ethical debate a bit closer to home, but all of us associate some level of debate with Stem Cells. The reason for the controversy is mostly because it is difficult to understand all of the science, and exactly which types of cells are being harvested from what sources.

The stem cells used in these powerful wrinkle creams are adult stem cells vs. the controversial embryonic stem cells. Also the cells are harvested from plants not from human skin. While these cells regenerate just as well as other cells, they are not considered unethical. It is this fine line that is responsible for the controversial “buzz”.

In addition to controversy, the effectiveness of these creams has the most privileged of society using these treatments, often times anonymously. Not willing to tie their name to the products, they prefer to keep the use of these products secret. But month after month they renew their subscription and continue the use of these products. Doctors agree, there is simply nothing as effective in the fighting of wrinkles, nothing.

The reason being is stem cells are added to your skin, creating a much faster regenerative process that the one your body produces naturally, especially as you age. In addition, as your body ages this process slows as the cells responsible for skin regeneration gradually perish as they can only split a certain number of times. So as you grow older, it becomes harder for your skin to regenerate the cells it needs to heal and ward off wrinkles. By using stem cell wrinkle creams you are adding the cells your skin needs to regenerate, thus healing wrinkles much faster than you could otherwise.

It is this process that has wrinkle cream consumers going crazy over the results. Whether or not they want to admit their use, for reasons that simply make no scientific sense, that fact still remains that wrinkle creams containing stem cells are rapidly establishing themselves as the best wrinkle creams available to purchase.

As you can now see, there is no big secret, or even controversy for that matter, about wrinkle creams that contain the stem cell ingredient. But as long as there is a lack of understanding about what stem cells are and what they do, there will always remain some doubt. When you combine that doubt with shocking results in rapid time frames, you have a recipe for controversy.

Some people believe that it is this controversy that has stem cell wrinkle creams so popular, and to some extent they may be right. But what wrinkle cream consumers need to understand, along with the general public, is that there is no doubt that stem cell wrinkle creams are the future of the anti aging industry. The only thing that dictates the speed at which they become the norm is the public’s outward acceptance of these wrinkle creams. In time, the public will become more educated about these products and Stem Cell wrinkle creams will be revealed for what they are, the very best in anti wrinkle treatments.

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