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When it comes to your face, you obviously want to be as careful as possible when using anti aging treatments and skin care products as there are numerous chemical additives, compounds and preservatives that aren’t exactly the safest. Many skin care companies will market their face and wrinkle creams as the best; but what’s called the “best” may actually be the best, at being dangerous. Many of the so-called “best” face creams are expensive on top of being dangerous cost upwards of $300. The next time you’re looking for a new face cream, take a good long look at the ingredient list and see if there are any of the following chemicals.

– Parabens (methyl, ethyl, propyl, butyl)

– Mineral Oil/Petroleum Derivatives

– Petrolatum

– Artificial Fragrances

– Propylene Glycol

– Lanolin

– Glycerin

– Animal Collagens

– Artificial Coloring

– …and the list goes on

All of the above chemicals and additives are known to be harmful to the body yet are consistently used despite their dangerous nature. But why? Well the answer is simple; money and ease. It’s cheaper and easier for skin care companies to use lesser quality ingredients that are readily available instead of paying top dollar for ingredients that are hard to come by.

The best face cream isn’t going to contain things like Parabens; preservatives that add a long shelf life to products but have been linked to increased risk of breast cancer in women. Or mineral oils and petroleum products which are used in everything from lotions and sunscreens to wrinkle creams and eye treatments to lock in moisture and give the skin a smooth feel. The truth is that mineral oil and other humectants actually suck moisture from the skin and bring it to the surface, making a barrier that can prevent the skin from breathing properly therefore leading to toxins not being regularly flushed, clogged pores and irritation.

Artificial fragrances have a nasty tendency to cause severe allergic reactions that can cause things like whole body rashes, breathing problems, painful burns, swelling and peeling. Propylene Glycol is found in everything from deodorants to acne creams and is also a key ingredient in brake fluid and antifreeze.

These are only a few of the most commonly used harmful ingredients in face creams, when looking for the best face cream make sure that it’s made out of the finest all natural ingredients that are totally safe and effective. Some of the best face creams are made with Matrixyl; an organic copper peptide that penetrates to the DNA layers of the skin in order to begin stimulating collagen production. Collagen fibers are essential to having wrinkle free and youthful looking skin but unfortunately we stop producing the necessary amount of Collagen as we age and that’s when wrinkles are bound to form. Matrixyl works with the body in order to regenerate collagen naturally instead of using animal based collagens that in all actuality too big and different molecularly to bond with our skin, rendering them useless.

Don’t be fooled by ineffective and expensive face creams containing animal based collagens or chemical bases. The best things in life have a tendency to come from Mother Nature and the best face creams are no exception. Make sure you always thoroughly research every ingredient, especially ones that sound suspect before putting anything on your skin. Read face cream reviews or talk to a dermatologist and see if they can point you in the right direction of the best face cream for you.

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