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The White Lotus Scar Serum has been specifically designed predominantly as a scar treatment, but of equal effectiveness for rejuvenating blemished skin in general, for example age spots or pigmentation. Only natural ingredients (Vegan Society Approved) make it into our beauty serums. You will never find a single preservative or additive Easily absorbed and non-oily (ideal for acne prone skin, unlike a lot of scar cream or serums), the key healing ingredient in our Scar Serum formulation is Green Tea oil. Green Tea oil’s ability to rejuvenate skin has been scientifically proven. Recent tests in Germany for example, demonstrated Green Tea extract as being 10 times more effective at rejuvenating skin cells than laser/light therapy alone. This also enables the scar serum to double up as an effective anti-wrinkle product. Green Tea has a plethora of other benefits, but perhaps of the greatest value to skin that has suffered acne scarring, surgical scarring or any other skin blemish, are its anti-redness properties. The 5 active Chinese, herbal ingredients infused in the green tea oil base of our Scar serum have been listed here along with their key functions: Pan ax not ginseng – San Qi: Effective at circulating blood and preventing bleeding; White Tea : Also an effective Antioxidant wonderful for anti aging; Commiphora molmol – Mo Yao : The third circulation promoting herb; Carthimus tinctorius – Hong Hua: Important for increasing microcirculation to the area it is applied and Olibannum gummi – Ru Xiang : Almost always used with Mo Yao, also known as Frankincense. See our White Lotus product range for use with our Scar serum for treating isolated scars. BY INTERNATIONAL MICRONEEDLING & ANTI AGING EXPERTS PLEASE SEE OUR INTERNATIONALLY BESTSELLING BOOK HOLISTIC MICRONEEDLING AND OTHER PRODUCTSPurity: All natural ingredients with organic camellia seed oil to assist scar removal. Approved by The Vegan Society. No additives fillers or other nasties. What you see is what you get!
Targeted: Small, yet targeted skincare range. Each Beauty Serum’s formulated specifically for goal the scar cream uses natural ingredients proven to work
Derma roller Friendly: The Scar serum has been extensively tested in clinic as part of acne scar treatment and as a scar lotion for c section scar with excellent results
Safe: Increased absorption level from skin needling or micro needling makes some brand’s synthetic ingredients toxic. This acne scar serum is safe for internal consumption so safe with increased blood stream absorption

Shop derma active serum acquiring online!

Visit this site to buy Derma Active Serum acquiring online!

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